4 April 2017

I'm Not Bitter ...................

Once upon a time, there lived an entire population who didn’t know about the benefits of Wheatgrass.

One day, however, a man, picked a blade of grass, and chewed on it thoughtfully. After a few seconds he spat out the wheatgrass claiming that the little blade of grass so too bitter for his palate. Like wildfire the story of the bitter tasting grass spread among the population.

Despite having numerous benefits, our little Wheatgrass has felt the stigma of unpleasant taste for many years. Unfortunately, like most undervalued things, wheatgrass had to face many perils and challenges. And now Wheatgrass has finally emerged as a superhero.

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Wild Power Shots image (3)


10 February 2017

Going Wild For Wheatgrass

Squeeze Wheatgrass Ltd based in Warrenpoint, Co. Down are building on the online success of their Squeeze Wheatgrass Brand with the launch of a new Retail Brand, Wild Power Wheatgrass

The award winning company have been successfully selling Wheatgrass shots through their e-commerce website for a number of years and are now ready to take on the retail world.

The new Brand, Wild Power Wheatgrass, will only be available for purchase through retail outlets.  

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3 November 2016

Vitamin D - ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’ and Wheatgrass

Public Health Advice for the UK recommends that everyone should consider taking vitamin D supplements in autumn and winter.  

Simply add a shot of Wheatgrass Juice to your daily diet, or more if you are on any kind of recovery programme, and start to see the benefits during the Autumn and Winter months.

Everyone should really consider a supplement if they're not getting lots of sunshine and nutrient rich foods.

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14 October 2016

The best foods for refreshed, revitalised and clear skin!

When it comes to health and beauty; one thing that the majority of us hope for is clear and beautiful skin. But achieving this can be tricky. Modern life is packed full of factors that can have an impact on your skin. From causing dryness, clogging up your pores and turning your glistening glow into an oily mess; there are things that make all of us want to hide away from the world.

You may buy yourself all the costly creams, lotions and cleansers to try and keep your skin looking it’s best and whilst this will be helpful, you may find that looking at your diet may be the extra push that you need.

With this in mind, we have put together our top tips for foods that will keep your skin in tip top condition. 

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Belfast Giants


21 September 2016

Squeeze Wheatgrass Sponsorship Deal With Belfast Giants

Squeeze Wheatgrass based in Warrenpoint, Co. Down has just agreed a Sponsorship deal with the Belfast Giants.

The Belfast Giants, Northern Ireland’s most successful professional sporting team since their beginning in 2000, average 5,000 fans per game for around 30 games for a total attendance of over 150,000 spectators at home games in Belfast throughout the season.

The Giants account for 23% of all customers through the doors at The SSE Arena and the ‘split’ of fans is 52% Male & 48% Female - unique to any sport.

The Giants have an online reach to 68,000 unique monthly website users, 48,000+ on Facebook, 30,000+ Twitter followers, 11,000+ followers on Instagram, 250,000 YouTube views & over 550,000 audio channel listens.

This deal sees Squeeze Wheatgrass sponsor Forward, Colin Shields in his ninth season with the Belfast Giants, and will have their company’s logo branded on his teal Giants jersey for all home games during the 2016/17 season.

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