Allergy Season - The Downside of Summer

Allergy season, a time of inconvenient runny noses, sneezing and watery eyes. 

Allergy attacks can occur because of a weak immune system. Wheatgrass, a nutrient-rich type of young grass, can help you build a stronger defence system against these allergens.

Wheatgrass juice is just about one of the healthiest foods out there and the benefits are pretty impressive. One the biggest benefits is its ability to increase red blood cells in your body, which make it a kickass immune booster. It has also can raise blood alkalinity to reduce acidity, which will make your body less susceptible to allergy symptoms like inflammation.

Some of the nutrients in wheatgrass include Vitamin A and C, essential amino acids, thousands of phytonutrients (plant nutrients that are only found in raw produce) and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.