Squeeze Wheatgrass Powered By Ulster Bank

Coming from a banking background I am more aware than most of the bad press Banks receive from both customers and non-customers.  There is a view among some that banks take and give very little back.

I run my business, Squeeze Wheatgrass, safe in knowledge that I have a team within Ulster Bank who support what I am trying to do, help me do what I want to do as easily as possible and are only ever a phone call or email away.

My experience with Ulster Bank recently when I moved from Sole Trader to Limited company has been faultless.  They moved heaven and earth (well not literally) to ensure that the changeover went as smoothly as possible.  And it was indeed without hiccups!

In February this year, I was selected to take part in Entrepreneurial Spark which is the world’s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures.  A proprietary ‘entrepreneurial enablement’ programme has been developed that takes entrepreneurs through a cognitive and action-centered development process.  As ambassadors of the Entrepreneurial Spark programme, Ulster Bank are fully committed and involved in the programme and during my time in the Belfast Hatchery, I really began to see just what “powered by Ulster Bank” means.

I have been given opportunities to market my business by Ulster Bank when invited to their Belfast City Centre branch to set up a market stall to sell the product to staff and customers.  An opportunity which was promoted by the bank in advance to ensure there were sales on the day!

Tomorrow we are off to take part in another marketplace event where we will set up shop and showcase our Wheatgrass product to a large target market, with no cost to register or set up. While there isn’t a guaranteed number of sales, there will be high volumes of staff to sell to and the event will be well advertised and promoted by Ulster Bank. From past experience, I am sure we will be well supported throughout the event by the onsite Ulster Bank management teams.

Next week, we are taking part in the Balmoral Show for the very first time. We have been invited, with a number of other artisan producers to set up a marketplace in the Ulster Bank marquee.  The Balmoral Show is a wonderful event and a great advertisement opportunity for all of us operating within the agri-food sector. 

Ulster Bank are the main sponsors of the Balmoral Show. As a small business, to be given this no cost opportunity by them to showcase our products, with their guidance and support is validation of the work they are doing here in Northern Ireland to change opinions and to help grow businesses. 

Squeeze Wheatgrass are immensely grateful that we are “powered by" Ulster Bank and for the opportunities and support given to us.