What's new in the world of Wheatgrass

Back in September the Team at Squeeze Wheatgrass embarked on a 2 x shots of wheatgrass per day challenge for 28 days! The results are in and are so fantastic that some of us are continuing on 2 x shots of wheatgrass per day til the end of the year. We have seen huge increase in energy levels – no more 3 pm slumps, we are all agreed that we are sleeping better and best of all, for me anyway, the sugar craving has gone. It was a very rewarding exercise to have undertaken and has reinforced our belief in the power of wheatgrass and more importantly our Brand, Squeeze Wheatgrass.

We were absolutely honoured to have been asked to take part in the Artisan showcase at Sodexo’s Salon Culinaire at Ascot on 22nd October. Buyers from some national institutions were there and there was great interest in both the current wheatgrass shots and the “soon to be launched” new wheatgrass shots. At the moment we are busy putting the final touches to the packaging for the new products and are planning to have them on the shelves and online by the end of the year.