Why To Juice NOT Blend Wheatgrass

I've been asked many times if you need a juicer in order to extract the juice from #Wheatgrass.  I have heard some peple are selling actual #Wheatgrass and telling people to add it to their blenders.

Unlike cows, humans only have one stomach so we are unable to break down the cellulouse in the grass.  For the human digestive system to be able to access the nutrients we need to drink #Wheatgrass juice.

If you decide to BLEND #Wheatgrass instead of JUICING you need to add an equal amount of water to the choppeed up #Wheatgrass before blending.  Once blended which takes about a minute, you need to strain the #Wheatgrass pulp through some cheesecloth and then you have your #Wheatgrass and water drink!!

Of course you could make life easy on yourself and buy #Squeezewheatgrass ready to drink #Wheatgrass shots.  Just SHAKE, OPEN and DRINK!  No water added. Fact!

#Squeezewheatgrass bringing #Wheatgrass into the 21st Century!