I’m Not Bitter ……………….

Once upon a time, there lived an entire population who didn’t know about the benefits of Wheatgrass.

One day, however, a man, picked a blade of grass, and chewed on it thoughtfully. After a few seconds he spat out the wheatgrass claiming that the little blade of grass so too bitter for his palate. Like wildfire the story of the bitter tasting grass spread among the population.

Despite having numerous benefits, our little Wheatgrass has felt the stigma of unpleasant taste for many years. Unfortunately, like most undervalued things, wheatgrass had to face many perils and challenges. And now Wheatgrass has finally emerged as a superhero.

So just what do people have against Wheatgrass? First, the little blades of grass are often accused of having a bitter taste. Secondly it is often accused of being too expensive. And finally, you can’t find it in a lot of places. You can’t just walk into any store and buy a shot of Wheatgrass or a Wheatgrass drink.

We are here to tell you that we have done everything in our power to change the negativity that surrounds wheatgrass. Finding decently priced, premium quality wheatgrass drinks shouldn’t be impossible. Wheatgrass should be convenient, affordable, and healthy.

Taking Wheatgrass juice and adding artificial flavourings and chemicals to mask the taste defeats the purpose of consuming a healthy drink. We’ve added natural juices to our Wheatgrass shots, sweet apple and pear, tangy orange, earthy beetroot and for those of you who like to keep things simple and uncomplicated we have the original Wheatgrass shots.

All our Wheatgrass shots are also free of gluten, GMOs, animal ingredients, dairy, nut, soy, artificial colours, and any preservatives.

Forget the world of fairy tales, enchanted castles, and magical spells; we have made it so you are living the dream right now!

We have made it so that you don’t have to go out to a shop to buy your Wheatgrass shots.  You can order online and we will deliver them straight to your door.  However, if you like a bit a retail therapy then you can purchase our new retail brand, Wild Power Wheatgrass, in a number of retail outlets.

You see, we think that standing in a queue waiting for Wheatgrass to be juiced is time you could spend on something much more enjoyable.  So, we have produced conveniently packaged Wheatgrass shots with and without added juice flavours so that you can have a steady supply in your fridge at all times.

Fellow health food fans, rejoice!

We have made it so that you can walk into a shop and purchase a Wheatgrass shot of your dreams, in a flavour you will love, at a price you can love even more! Or, even better order online and have them delivered right to your doorstep!

Going Wild For Wheatgrass
Online Retailer Ocado now stocking Wild Power Wheatgrass shots

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