Our Cold pressed Ready to Drink Original Wheatgrass shots are produced from Certified Organic seed. There is no need to defrost, mix or “whizz the wheatgrass shots in the blender”.  There are no additives and no preservatives used at any point during the production process of our ready to drink wheatgrass shots. Squeeze Wheatgrass have full accreditation from The Vegetarian Society. Our Ready to Drink Wheatgrass shots are conveniently packaged in 30ml shots. This allows for easy transportation – you can take a shot with you wherever you go!  Our Wheatgrass shots are delivered direct to your home or work address.  We have easy payment options.  You can earn loyalty points for each order when you create an account.

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7 Day Supply, 14 Day Supply, 28 Day Supply, 84 Day Supply, 168 Day Supply


Each shot contains

28.75mls Wheatgrass Juice

1.25 mls Lime Juice


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Original wheatgrass


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