The best foods for refreshed, revitalised and clear skin!

When it comes to health and beauty; one thing that the majority of us hope for is clear and beautiful skin. But achieving this can be tricky. Modern life is packed full of factors that can have an impact on your skin. From causing dryness, clogging up your pores and turning your glistening glow into an oily mess; there are things that make all of us want to hide away from the world.

You may buy yourself all the costly creams, lotions and cleansers to try and keep your skin looking it’s best and whilst this will be helpful, you may find that looking at your diet may be the extra push that you need.

With this in mind, we have put together our top tips for foods that will keep your skin in tip top condition.

Take the sting out of nettles

They may not sound like the most tempting thing to tuck into, but nettles can be enjoyed in a tea, a capsule or a soup and are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect on your skin. Perfect for skin conditions such as acne.

Not only this but nettles are also packed full of antioxidants. You may have heard the term antioxidants plenty of times, especially in advertising campaigns, however, antioxidants are actually incredibly helpful and slow down the ageing process. They also detoxify your body, especially your skin. Which keeps it looking fresh and clean.

Oh nuts! Snack on these!

Acne is huge problem for those that suffer with it. It has been linked to a deficiency in zinc and selenium, both of which can be found in pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts. Nuts in general are fantastic to snack on not only do they improve your white blood cell levels thanks to the selenium, but nuts also contain vitamin E, copper, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron! Phew, they really are packed.

Indulge yourself in a juicy tomato

We love snacking on tomatoes, especially when we know that they are absolutely jam packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to keep your skin nice and form, aiding collagen production throughout it. Not only this, but being a red fruit they contain lycopene, which is known to stimulation circulation of blood around the skin too!

Don’t forget about the Wheatgrass!

Although the taste of Wheatgrass juice is not to everyone’s liking, it is packed full of a variety of vitamins and natural phytochemicals (antioxidants to you and I).  Wheatgrass is also known to help conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

You don’t even have to drink wheatgrass to help with spots, you could freeze some into an ice cube and pop that on any blemishes that you have, or failing that, add some wheatgrass to your bathwater, for an all over skin treat.

So, now you know the things that you can eat or drink to try and make the most of your skin! Get out there and show off your beautiful and glowing complexion.

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