Squeeze Wheatgrass is a family business based in Co Down, Northern Ireland where the passion for producing quality wheatgrass shots is as alive today as it was at the beginning of this journey. Their mission is to shake up the health food market and bring wheatgrass juice into the 21st Century, and the company’s commitment to ongoing research and development has helped this business stay at the front of the health food sector.

Switching from the traditional soil farming methods used to grow the wheatgrass to the more modern and cleaner Hydroponics method is an example of this business’s willingness to make changes to benefit its product and customers. Hydroponics allows the wheatgrass to grow in optimal conditions so that only the highest nutritional quality wheatgrass juice is produced every time.

Squeeze Wheatgrass use cutting edge technology, called High Pressure Processing and the services of the Agri-food and Biosciences Institute in Belfast, to ensure the nutritional benefits of each shot of its Ready to Drink Wheatgrass juice are preserved naturally for up to 12-weeks.

The wheatgrass shots are produced from organic seed, have full accreditation from the Vegetarian Society and are completely free from additives or preservatives and are never heat treated or frozen.

The company has full provenance and traceability as it grows, harvests, juices, packages and distributes their wheatgrass shots from their company headquarters in Warrenpoint, situated at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, an area of outstanding natural beauty.